2 complementary port facilities

In the supply chain that is cereals export, proximity between the zones of production and the port silos is a major advantage. With facilities adapted to the diversity of its destinations, the port silos of the Charente-Maritime region allow the Entente to offer an efficient service to its customers.


River port facility located in the heart of a cereals production zone, Tonnay-Charente is the favoured port for the export of cereals, maize and oilseeds to EU destinations. Adapted to vessel sizes of between 4000t and 6000t, with a rapid loading rate, it permits regular rotations to food processing and industrial consumers, thereby generating a greater economic potential for the wide range of Entente crop production.

La Rochelle-Pallice

Second biggest cereals port in France, and first on the Atlantic coast, the cereals terminal at La Pallice offers important storage and loading facilities. Wide ranging and flexible dock facilities allow access to all vessel sizes and permits the loading of important quantities to far off destinations, or smaller volumes to EU destinations.