Serving EU markets

Dedicated to export

Since its creation in the 1990s, the Entente is recognised by different EU cereals operators as having the capacity to offer high volumes of quality crops destined for human food consumption.

Favourable climatic conditions and early harvests allow the Entente to offer a quality of cereals that conforms to the most stringent criteria and an availability before the harvest dates of other French regions. An advantage for its customers.

An optimized logistics

The production and storage zones of the Entente are mostly concentrated in the Charente-Maritime region, at close proximity to the two Centre Atlantic cereals ports. This favourable location, associated with the capacity to respond rapidly with interior transport solutions means the Entente is able to react in a minimum time delay to ensure punctual loading operations.

A know-how x9

With their potential, their complementarity and their respective experiences, the Cooperatives of the Entente have proved their ability to produce according to strict quality requirements. Soft wheats of milling quality to Spain and Portugal, maize for UK distillers and maize millers, and durum wheat for the Italian pasta industry, are just some examples of regular export contracts conforming to precise quality requirements.