Productions & activities


  • Soft Wheat (milling varieties)
  • durum wheat
  • malting barley (spring/winter)
  • feed barley
  • class a maize
  • waxy maize


  • Oilseed rape
  • sunflower
  • high oleic sunflower
  • stripy sunflower


  • Yellow peas
  • green peas (bird feed)
  • lentils


Complementary to its crop production, the 9 Entente Cooperatives offer a range of services:

  • animal feed production (sheep and goats),
  • a laboratory for cereals and wine industry analysis,
  • a traditional flour mill,
  • agricultural supplies shops.

Certified quality

Thanks to the quality of cereals historically produced in the region, the Entente was amongst the first Cooperatives to obtain ISO 9001, HACCP and CSA-GTP certification. Norms and certifications that guarantee a total tracability from “field to fork”. All contracts are finalised subject to conformity to food safety regulations: absence of pesticide residues, mycotoxin controls, absence of gmos.

Actions for the whole cooperative activities as grain harvesting, coop store, grains shipment and trading.

Use for grain harvesting, coop store, grains shipment and trading again which allows us about regulatory & clients requirements to be followed.

Voluntary scheme at the beginning then compulsory to meet contracts requirements. This accession guarantees an agricultural sustainability of our sunflowers, rapeseed and maize coming from farmers harvesting.

As phytopharmaceutical supplier cooperatives of the ENTENTE Union are part of certified companies approved by certifying body under agreement PC02054 registration number.

Good practice on agricultural crop and storage on the farm for common field crops (corn & small grains).

Agri confiance prend en compte l’ensemble de la chaine de production. Pratiques agricoles, collecte, chaque étape répond à des exigences.

This social approach aimed to input sustainability issues In the medium and long term to the Corporate Strategy.

Grains and seeds using.

Continued improvement over maize physical and sanitary quality.